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Thermoplastic and Photopolymer Solutions


From Hobby solutions to Professional systems

It’s one thing to have an idea in your head — it’s something else to hold it in your hands, or place it on your co-worker’s desk and proclaim “I knew this would work.” 3D printers let you think faster. Move quickly. Cut costs.

From individual designer through product development collaboration to the manufacturing department, Objective3D offers Makerbot PLA Solutions to Stratasys FDM and PolyJet systems.

Entry-Level FDM 3D Printers


The MakerBot METHOD X is an innovative 3D printing machine platform powered by Stratasys. Featuring production-grade real ABS, a 100°C chamber, and Stratasys SR-30 soluble support. METHOD X is most suitable for creating complex end-use parts, manufacturing tools, and functional prototypes with superior reliability and dimensional accuracy.

Industrial Grade FDM 3D Printers

Stratasys FDM (Fused-Deposition-Modeling) 3D Printers can streamline processes from design through manufacturing, reducing costs, and eliminating traditional barriers along the way. With FDM, a designer can create an idea, and test it the same day. Industries can cut lead times and costs, products turn out better, and get to market faster. Breakthrough designs, process innovations, just-in-time manufacturing — whatever you can imagine, FDM can make it happen.

PolyJet 3D Printers

Stratasys PolyJet 3D Printers empower professional designers, engineers, educators, and healthcare professionals to create and problem-solve with precision, speed, and realism. The power lies within the PolyJet technology’s curable liquid photopolymers, capable of producing very high-resolution layers for smooth surfaces that can possess intricate details and vivid colors. The versatility of PolyJet technology is based on a wide range of available material properties and a suite of 3D printers to suit varied budgets and applications. No matter the industry, PolyJet technology provides the power to solve problems and create opportunities.

Production P3 3D Printer (DLP)

The Origin One is a powerful 3D printer that enables mass production in a range of high performance materials. Programmable PhotoPolymerization P3™ technology delivers industry leading accuracy, consistency, and details. Manage multiple machines with a single operation for high volume production.

SAF 3D Printer

The Stratasys H350 is a powder bed fusion 3D printer built to meet intense production demand. Designed for high volume, short-run production, the H350 gives you control over materials, workflow and cost. The unique SAF technology produces parts with startling accuracy and repeatability.