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New Desktop Metal
now available in
Australia and New Zealand

Introducing affordable 3D Metal Printing from
prototyping to mass production.

100% dedicated to 3D Printing.
That’s all we do!

3D printing is not merely an add-on product to our existing business.
It’s our number 1 priority, all day every day.

Stratasys Customer Support Winner
& Stratasys Platinum Partner

90% of our service engineer visits for 3D printer issues
resolved on the 1st visit.

Local supply of Consumables
and Spare Parts

Fast and efficient turnaround resulting in maximum system up time.

1 Hour Phone Support.
Same Day Service.

Have all your support issues addressed by a qualified engineer
with over 10 years experience.

Over 40 years of combined
professional 3D Printing experience

No-one has the in-house facilities and expertise to deliver like us.

Overflow? Larger parts?
Need to minimise machine
downtime during maintenance?

We offer 3D Printing and custom manufacturing services.

Widest range of
3D Printing Technologies

FDM, PolyJet, Metal Laser Cusing & Bound Metal Deposition.


Find out how to justify the cost of a Rapid Prototyping System


Simplified 3D printing workflows and intelligence. Get quality prints faster.


Streamlining engineering, healthcare, education, with high precision, easy-to-use 3D scanners.


Build low-volume production parts right from 3D CAD data with Objective3D Direct Manufacturing

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is a way to create physical objects directly from digital files. While digital design is nothing new, manufacturing has traditionally relied on technologies that cut objects from a larger blocks or sheets of material; or forming methods that rely on expensive moulds and patterns. In contrast, 3D printing is an additive process that builds objects one layer at a time from the bottom up. Used across industries, it complements traditional technologies to improve product design, streamline manufacturing, and even forge entirely new business models. And as its utility and accessibility increase, so does its potential to unlock innovation for countless inventors, engineers and designers and whose ideas were previously too difficult or expensive to manufacture.

Advancing What’s Possible with Additive Metals

Why Additive Metals?
In recent years, metal has been the fastest growing segment of 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Additive metals serve a broad range of industries with new applications developing every day. Check out an overview of additive metals, including benefits and common applications.

Payment plans now available

ZERO Payments for the First 3 Months*

Stratasys F123 Series

from AU$890 / NZ$982
per month*

Desktop Metal Studio

from AU$4,868 / NZ$5,379
per month*

Artec 3D Scanners

from AU$187 / NZ$207
per month*

*Terms and conditions apply

Demo 3D Printers for Sale

BIG DISCOUNTS on Fully Serviced and Tested Stratasys Machines
We regularly refresh our selection of demo units and sell our older equipment for a special price. All machines are fully operational, tested, and serviced by a Stratasys certified engineer.

Connect With a 3D Printing Expert

Curious about 3D printing? Wondering which 3D printing solution is right for your needs?

A local expert from our global network of partners is ready to personally welcome you to a 3D printed world.

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