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GrabCAD Shop

Work Order Management Software for 3D Printing Model Shops

GrabCAD Shop simplifies the 3D Printing Shop workflow. Reduce time wasted trying to keep track of 3D print requests.

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The Premier 3D Printing Work Order Management Solution from Stratasys

15% of a typical shop’s week is wasted tracking down work order requirements and communicating status between engineers, designers and operators. GrabCAD Shop solves this.

For engineers & designers
Stop struggling to communicate job requirements over email or FTP. No more exporting CAD files to STL.

For shop operators
Stop spending money building custom solutions based on email, spreadsheets, SharePoint and thumb drives. No more keeping track of shop orders on whiteboards and spreadsheets.

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Why GrabCAD Shop?

Easy and intuitive to use for designers, engineers and shop operators.

Engineers, designers and shop operators save time by sharing a common workspace to simplify print work requests.

GrabCAD Shop simplifies your 3D printing shop workflow by substantially improving the way your teams manage and collaborate on prototyping work orders.

GrabCAD Shop is a web-based application that doesn’t require IT assistance or expensive infrastructure costs. Within minutes, you can personalize your shop with custom branding and available technologies.

GrabCAD Shop makes it easy to manage 3D printing requests by organizing orders in one place. Shop operators can then estimate costs, update statuses, edit details and fulfill the orders efficiently.

GrabCAD Shop is pre-populated with Stratasys® printers and materials, and provides the ability to add third party printers and traditional fabrication technology.

Shop operators save time working on print orders by accessing print work requests, CAD files, and project specs all in one space.

GrabCAD Shop is web-hosted software so there’s no complex installation process. You don’t even need IT administrators to download the software. Shop operators can create shops and invite teams to participate in less than 30 minutes.

Submit, receive and fulfill orders; obstacle-free.

Easily communicate your shop’s resources, cost estimates and deadlines so that your engineers and designers can understand how and when their order will be fulfilled. Collaboration and communication features are available directly in the work order.

Easy and intuitive to use for designers, engineers, and shop operators. Try GrabCAD Shop Today!

GrabCAD Shop Features

GrabCAD Shop improves your workflow, saves time & money, and increases productivity with these features built specifically for 3D printing model shops

Easy Setup

Get up and running in less than 30 minutes! Add your company branding, add available technologies, machines and materials. Then you’re ready to invite users.

File Uploading

GrabCAD Shop supports native CAD formats such as Creo, SOLIDWORKS, NX, CATIA, Inventor, STEP, Parasolids, STL, OBJ and VRML, as well as common office formats like pdf, dwg, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Job and Part Tracking

Operators can track and communicate job or part statuses to anyone on the team.


Receive email alerts for every status update and change to an existing order, or when there is a new order.

Collaboration & Communication

Communicate effectively and track changes in your order with the GrabCAD Shop comments.

Order Management

Organize all of your orders in one place. Easily sort and filter orders by due date, technology, status, type and job requester.

Technology Agnostic

GrabCAD Shop is pre-populated with Stratasys® machines and materials and allows you to add third party technology as part of your shop’s setup.

Dates and Estimates

Communicate deadlines, delivery dates, and cost estimates per order in a currency of your choice.

Multiple Shops

Set up as many shops as you need, to track orders per department, business unit, project, or location.


Assign permissions for operators, customers and administrators based on their GrabCAD credentials.

The 3D Printing Shop Problem

Do you currently manage 3D printing work orders with a combination of spreadsheets, whiteboards, thumb drives and sticky notes? Or worse, do you spend money building and maintaining custom solutions not meant for 3D printing workflow?

Grab Cad Shop Solution

GrabCAD shop brings order to your 3D printing model shop. Requesting and fulfilling orders has never been easier for engineers, designers and shop operators.

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