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Automotive 3D Printing

Shaping the way cars are imagined, designed and developed

Our solutions empower automotive manufacturers to reduce investment and part costs;
maximize assembly line efficiency; reduce the weight of production tools; to stay one step
ahead of industry challenges.

Objective3D is shaping more than tomorrow’s automobiles. We are helping shape the innovation, creativity and manufacturing capabilities of those who drive the industry forward. Automakers and suppliers of all types have realized the benefits of Stratasys 3D printing solutions. We’ve seen our technology go from the design studio to the factory floor, with the adoption of custom 3D printed tools, jigs and fixtures and manufacturing aids.

Get customer testimonials and expert information on how 3D printing can accelerate and improve automotive design and manufacturing.

Objective3D collaborates with Daihatsu to create customizable effect skins

Using Stratasys 3D Printing technology to customize and supply parts to customers and to allow self-expression within a single car is, I believe, a first.

—Osamu Fujishita / Daihatsu Motor Company


Solaxis created an automotive assembly jig with 3D printing, cutting weight and improving accuracy.

We shrank the overall design and manufacturing cycle time from 16 to 20 weeks with traditional manufacturing, to three to five weeks with Stratasys 3D printing.

—Francois Guilbault, Solaxis