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Empowering Innovation with 3D Printing

Over 25 years, Stratasys customers have proven the power of 3D printing to accelerate product development, elevate quality and lower costs. And today they’re shaping the world around us by reimagining what’s possible in fields like health care and aerospace. So, if you’re driven to create better products, better processes or even a better world, Stratasys additive manufacturing solutions by Objective3D empower you to work smarter, think faster and innovate more freely.

Precision Series – Mlab cusing R

Concept Models

Concept models allow you to communicate design concepts to clients, colleagues and marketers with tangible products. Small design and engineering firms extend their reach by testing more ideas and developing only the right projects. For large companies, concept modeling within departments, or even in individual cubicles, is a way to hone ideas before presenting them to decision makers.

Concept models can be used for:

  • Form and fit testing
  • Communication models between departments and companies
  • Product research
  • Tender opportunities
  • Ergonomic tests




Companies are turning to 3D printing for prototyping as a cost effective way to reduce product and part development time, which is key to succeeding in the marketplace. This is especially useful to produce high quality prototypes of parts that match your design and accurately represent your final product’s functionality and performance, accelerating the time to market for new innovative products.


Functional Prototypes

3D printed functional prototypes are in a class by themselves for capturing true end product realism. For performance prototypes that withstand thermal, chemical and mechanical stress, rely on durable FDM 3D printing technology. For prototypes with the accurate look and feel of your next finished product, including soft-touch parts, clear components, living hinges and shock absorption, put PolyJet-based 3D printing technology to work.


Direct Digital Manufacturing

Do it better, faster and less expensively

Additive manufacturing is changing the way the World makes everything. By enabling you to produce prototypes, tools and final parts directly from CAD data, additive manufacturing creates dramatic reductions in delivery times and production costs, so you can easily respond to customer needs and market changes. 3D Printed manufacturing solutions can be used for:



End Use Parts

One of the rewards of the 3D printing revolution is the ability to begin production without the delay and expense of tooling, and to produce customized, geometrically complex products free from traditional manufacturing constraints.

Now you can realize revenue without time-consuming inventory management. With in-house, on-demand production, inventory becomes a digital file at your fingertips.