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FDM Technology from Stratasys

Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) creates parts layer-by-layer with engineering-grade thermoplastics.
FDM is often used to build complex geometries and functional parts, including prototypes, low-volume
production pieces, manufacturing aids, and jigs and fixtures.

FDM Benefits

  • The technology is clean, simple-to-use and office-friendly
  • Supported production-grade thermoplastics are mechanically and environmentally stable
  • Complex geometries and cavities that would otherwise be problematic become practical with FDM technology

FDM Thermoplastics

FDM Technology uses the same tried and tested thermoplastics found in traditional manufacturing processes. For applications that demand tight tolerances, toughness and environmental stability – or specialized properties like electrostatic dissipation, translucence, biocompatibility, VO flammability or FST ratings – there’s an FDM thermoplastic that can deliver.

FDM Applications

FDM parts are unrivaled in mechanical, thermal and chemical strength making it an ideal technology for challenging plastic applications.

Common applications include:

  • Manufacturing aids
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Carbon fiber layup tooling
  • Functional prototypes
  • Low volume production parts