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PolyJet Technology

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PolyJet Technology from Stratasys

PolyJet is a 3D printing process that jets and cures thin layers of liquid photopolymer with UV energy. It is capable of printing in 16-micron layers and in multiple durometers and many colors for multi-material parts. PolyJet is an excellent option for realistic, high-resolution models and prototypes, short-run injection molds and master patterns for urethane casting.

PolyJet Benefits

  • Create smooth, detailed prototypes that convey final-product aesthetics.
  • Produce accurate molds, jigs, fixtures and other manufacturing tools.
  • Achieve complex shapes, intricate details and delicate features.
  • Incorporate the widest variety of colors and materials into a single model for unbeatable efficiency.

PolyJet Applications

PolyJet is best suited for small parts when accuracy, detail, and surface finish are essential.

Common applications include:

  • Presentation models
  • Master patterns
  • Form and fit models
  • Flexible, rubber-like models
  • Medical device prototypes
  • Prototypes for fittings, valves, and parts with complex interior features