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Empowering Innovation

Stratasys Advanced Materials drives the 3D printing and advanced manufacturing industry forward with better solutions in the development and production of custom polymers and compounded materials.

Our agile development process translates to increased speed to market for our customers by offering research and development, toll compounding, and lab services in one complete package, from one vendor.

Our internal culture of curiosity and passion for scientific discovery influences everything we do. We seek out the latest technologies and materials to continually drive the industry forward and create better solutions. Our expertise in processing makes us a trusted choice for unique compounding projects including those for 3D printing and additive manufacturing applications, as we are easily able to scale without affecting the integrity of the end product.

We are the scientists who are proudly developing and producing the materials that drive manufacturing forward into unexplored territories. We empower innovators to create the next generation of products that will shape—and reshape—our world.

Materials Development
At Stratasys Advanced Materials, we are committed to delivering material solutions with undeniable value propositions. Our extensive experience in materials and 3D printing processes allows us to develop custom materials with unique functionalities. We have deep expertise in handling materials that are traditionally hard to process, including biomaterials, highly filled composites, moisture sensitive materials and reactive chemistries.
Scaled Manufacturing
Our specialty compounding capabilities focus on small volume and value-added materials, but we can easily scale to produce large quantities without sacrificing the material’s integrity. Our highly integrated Quality Assurance team seamlessly brings lab-scale formulations into full production opportunities. Our agile process ensures we will meet your needs from initial research & development, through lab testing and all the way to large-scale materials production.
Application Solutions
Stratasys Advanced Materials offers custom materials solutions to complement a multitude of advanced manufacturing applications, including Stratasys Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) systems. We empower advanced manufacturing innovation by developing customized materials to meet your specific needs and functionalities. Our unique position within the additive manufacturing ecosystem makes us a trusted partner to help you develop custom solutions throughout the lifecycle of your design and production process.
Service & Capabilities
  • Composite Materials & Processing
  • Adhesive Materials & Processing
  • Interfacial Modification
  • Nanotechnology
  • Plastics Additives
  • Specialty Compounding
  • Formulation & Process Development
  • Consulting & Project Management Services
  • Scaled Manufacturing
  • Rigorous Quality Assurance
Characterization / Test Equipment
  • Chemical Composition
  • Color
  • Flame Retardancy
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Morphology/Dispersion
  • Rheology Thermal Analysis
  • Electrical Properties
  • Physical Properties
Processing & Manufacturing Equipment
  • 7 Parallel TSEs of various sizes
  • ¾ Inch SSE
  • 85-Ton Injection Molder
  • 3D Printers
  • Filament Extrusion Lines
  • Strand, Underwater and Hot Face Pelletization Capabilities
  • Cast Film, Blown Film and Sheet Extrusion Demonstration Lines
  • Multiple Profile Extrusion Dies
  • Lab Grinding Capabilities
  • Resin Drying Capabilities
  • Supercritical Gas Forming