100% dedicated to 3D Printing.
That's all we do!

3D printing is not merely an add-on product to our existing business.
It’s our number 1 priority, all day every day.

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No. 1 Stratasys Customer
Support Winner-Asia Pacific

90% of our service engineer visits for
3D printer issues resolved on the 1st visit.

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Local supply of Consumables
and Spare Parts

Fast and efficient turnaround resulting in
maximum system uptime.

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1 Hour Phone Support. Same Day Service.

Have all your support issues addressed by a qualified engineer
with over 10 years experience.

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Over 40 years of combined
professional 3D Printing experience

No-one has the in-house facilities and
expertise to deliver like us.

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Overflow? Larger parts? Need to minimise
machine downtime during maintenance?

We offers 3D Printing and custom manufacturing services.

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Widest range of
3D Printing Technologies

FDM, PolyJet & Metal Laser
Melting System

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Find out how to justify the cost of a Rapid Prototyping System


Find out how 3D Printing is transforming business and education around the world


Streamlining engineering, healthcare, education, with high precision, easy-to-use 3D scanners.


Build low-volume production parts right from 3D CAD data with Objective3D Direct Manufacturing

Learn why 3D printing is useful everywhere

Leading companies worldwide have proven the power of 3D printing to reduce delivery time, lower
production costs, improve quality and support lean manufacturing.

Connect With a 3D Printing Expert

Curious about 3D printing? Wondering which 3D printing solution is right for your needs?

A local expert from our global network of partners is ready to personally welcome you to
a 3D printed world.

Objective3D Community

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