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3D Printed Rapid Tools for Injection Molding

Learn how 3D printed molds can cut turnaround time for your injection molded (IM) prototypes. We will discuss when 3D printed molds are a best fit, material selection and customer stories, as well as process limitations and tips for successful molding.

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The Benefits of 3D Printing for your business

3D printing is at the front lines when it comes to the future of business technology. In this dynamic webinar, two industry experts will engage in a lively discussion of what 3D printing can do for your business. Marketing expert Bruce Bradshaw from Stratasys, the number one 3D printing manufacturer in the world, chats with Dr. Kevin Dowling, the lead engineer at 4Moms, a company dedicated to making innovative baby products. Tune in to gain essential information on how to strengthen, modernize and accelerate your business through 3D printing.

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FDM & PolyJet: Similarities and Distinctions

FDM and PolyJet are distinctly different, yet they have much in common. To help you understand which 3D printing technology best meets your needs, Fred Fischer, director and former applications engineer for Stratasys, will share his insights on FDM and PolyJet. He will cover operations, output qualities and material offerings.

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3D Printing: Multi-Materials and Vibrant Color

Connex 3D Printing was the first technology to offer multi-material 3D printing. With the Objet500 Connex3, Stratasys launched another first: a color, multi-material 3D printer. Combining three base materials dramatically extends the possibilities — rich, vibrant colors and unprecedented material versatility.

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The Value of FDM for Jigs & Fixtures

Manufacturing relies on tools including jigs, fixtures, templates and gauges to maintain quality and production efficiency. Although these tools are virtually invisible when production is running smoothly, their importance becomes evident when problems arise. By using FDM technology to produce jigs & fixtures, the traditional fabrication process is substantially simplified; tool-making becomes less expensive and time consuming. As a result, manufacturers realize immediate improvements in productivity, efficiency and quality.

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Fast, On-Demand Jig & Fixture Production With PolyJet

Jigs and fixtures are an essential part of the manufacturing process that are used to position, hold and check parts and assemblies. But making them with traditional methods and materials is often costly and time consuming. PolyJet technology offers an alternative that is much more economical and time-efficient, allowing you to quickly make jigs and fixtures as they’re needed. Watch this webinar to learn more about these and other benefits of PolyJet jigs and fixtures.

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