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The all-in-one rapid prototyping system


The Stratasys F123 Series

For the most effective prototyping for all levels of users to get high-quality parts printed right the first time.


  • Easy to use, office friendly
  • Ability to do the complex with accuracy, detail and repeatability
  • Fast, big, 2X the throughput
  • Engineering-grade materials and new, cost-effective PLA option, soluble support
  • Exceptional value

Affordable and reliable 3D printing

The Stratasys F170 gives the option of up to four different materials, along with our easy-to-remove soluble support material. Create complex parts and assemblies with no compromise on accuracy, detail and repeatability. Even for your earliest design iterations, you can expect Stratasys quality and dependability.

2X material capacity, larger tray

For design and engineering firms with multiple users who need the flexibility to create high volumes of concept, functional and presentation prototypes.

Highest capability and largest build size

Create complex, durable parts for prototyping applications as well as manufacturing jigs, fixtures and tools.


Stratasys F123 Series – Three Models – Endless Possibilities


Design Firm 3D Prints to Refine Ideas with Speed

The all-in-one capabilities of the Stratasys F370 help CAD continuously improve product designs, like their popular motocross helmet. Feedback on a previous version prompted CAD to make design changes more in line with what riders want – a helmet that can accommodate a neck brace and a camera.

“We came up with an interchange system for the helmet to fit a neck brace better,” said Hahne. “We were able to print and test two different concepts before committing to tooling.”

CAD also designed a new mount to hold a GoPro camera on the visor of the helmet. “Typically riders use a suction cup or tape to attach a camera to their helmet, but they don’t want to stick adhesive to a really expensive paint job. So we built a mount right onto the visor of our helmet,” Hahne said. “We 3D printed and tested it three times to determine the optimal position for filming.”

How Stratasys F123 3D printers make rapid prototyping more accessible and productive

3D printing’s contributions across the design, engineering and manufacturing disciplines are not new. The technology has been available in various forms for over thirty years and is often lauded as the next industrial revolution.

Despite some inflated claims, there’s no denying that 3D printing, also referred to as additive manufacturing, has achieved its place as a valuable design and manufacturing methodology, and a cornerstone of rapid prototyping (RP). It lives up to the promise of making businesses more competitive by giving them the tools to streamline and enhance the product-creation processes.

This white paper will show there’s never been a better time to invest in 3D printing, a fact made possible by the introduction of the Stratasys F123™ 3D Printer Series. These 3D printers were designed to remove the barriers designers and engineers face by making the RP process more efficient and productive. You’ll see how the Stratasys F123 Series addresses typical rapid prototyping pain points and lets companies create better products faster, reducing the time to market. LEARN MORE