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POLYJET | VeroBlue

SAVE 25% on your next PolyJet resin order

Introducing the New PolyJet VeroBlue and Support SUP705 value bundle. This value bundle will include 2 VeroBlue model materials and 2 support materials at a significantly lower price – allowing you to dramatically reduce the cost per part on your PolyJet printer(s). Offer expires on 30th June 2018. Delivery from July 2018.

Increase your utilisation and dramatically reduce your total cost of PolyJet machine ownership.

VeroBlue is a light-blue rigid opaque photopolymer that is tailored for users who require economic & professional prototyping solution. VeroBlue is available on Stratasys PolyJet Desktop series (Objet 30 and up), Eden series, Connex series and J750 3D printer.