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FDM for Thermoform Tooling

Prototype, Bridge and/or Production

Reduce the overall time to produce thermoformed parts with 3D printed forms using FDM thermoplastics. FDM thermoform tooling offers the capability for simple tool fabrication compared with traditionally fabricated tools to accommodate the specific application.

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Fast production of thermoform tooling ready for forming operations

FDM thermoform tools give manufacturers the capability to create molds without the cost and long lead times associated with traditional mold materials. The inherent porosity of the FDM process eliminates the need to machine vacuum holes in the tool. Custom densities can also be achieved to increase airflow as needed.


Reduced lead time: build tools in hours or days instead of weeks or months.

Built-in porosity: eliminate secondary machining operations to incorporate vacuum features and modify porosity with adjustable build process parameters.

Fast customization: quickly make design changes in CAD and print the revised tool that’s ready for production.

Increased tool complexity: build as much or as little complexity as needed into the tool such as variable wall thickness and features to reduce thermal mass and control thermal gradients.

Design for application intent: FDM technology is independent of design complexity and lets engineers design tools with the end product in mind, without compromise for manufacturability.