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Making the Case

How to Justify the Cost of a Rapid Prototyping System

You know you can save your company money by purchasing a rapid prototyping system. But do you know the best way to justify this capital expense purchase? To convince finance people and upper management, you need to understand what they look for.

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What You’ll Learn

Download this White Paper and learn the strategies to make a solid business
case for a prototyping machine.

  • How to justify the cost of an additive manufacturing system for prototyping
  • The components that comprise a solid business case for purchase
  • How to write a proposal that gets read and gets approved
  • The difference between how you and finance people view benefits
  • How to justify your proposal based on the most sound numbers first,
    then pull from secondary and tertiary benefits to strengthen your case

Who is this for?

  • Plant managers & directors
  • Engineering managers & directors
  • Product designers
  • Engineers