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Application Guide

Bionic! New kinds of structures in medical technology

The advantages of additive manufacturing, and LaserCUSING® specifically, have led to significant adoption in the production of medical instruments and surgical implants.

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From quick-turn prototyping to large-scale series production, Direct Cusing Manufacturing® is becoming a standard solution for medical manufacturers. Metal technology enables the production of complex, trabecular, bio-analogous structures for enhanced osseo- and vascular integration. Many procedures require implants that are customized for a specific patient, and LaserCUSING® gives the implant manufacturer the ability to produce a highly customized part for individual patients with minimal lead-time.

In this application guide, we discuss:

  • Lattice and foam structures can be tailored such that the modulus of the part or a portion thereof more closely matches that of the patient’s bones.
  • Economical direct production of dental components: crowns,
    copings and denture frameworks.