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Application Guide

Perfectly cooled! Moulds without hot spots

Securing competitive advantages and getting to the market faster is the name of the game nowadays in almost all sectors of industry. The use of mould inserts with conformal cooling delivers quality optimisation while reducing the unit costs at the same time.

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Concept Laser’s metal technology was borne out of the tooling industry. With nearly 15 years of making tool inserts for production, LaserCUSING® is a proven technology that gives its users several competitive advantages, whether they are working in plastic injection-molding or aluminum die-casting.

In this application guide, we discuss:

For the Tool / Mould Maker:

  • Rapid tooling – LaserCUSING® allows for fabrication of tooling in only a few days with minimal post-processing necessary, thereby reducing development costs while increasing speed to market
  • Increased tool performance – Tool manufacturer gains competitive advantage by delivering a more functional product

For the Injection Moulding / Die-Casting Company:

  • Reduced Cycle Time – increased production increases ROI on capital equipment. Cycle times are reduced up to 50% in some cases
  • Reduced Scrap Rate – LaserCUSING® inserts with conformal cooling yield parts with less distortion/blow holes
  • Increased Part Quality – LaserCUSING® inserts produce parts with better surface finish and more accurate geometry