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Advancing Health Care
With 3D Printing

Applications and Guidance on Material Selection

3D printing benefits patients, providers and payers through improved economics and outcomes. It accelerates medical device development, reduces cost and gives physicians better tools to administer care.

What You’ll Learn

This white paper illustrates specific medical applications using FDM and PolyJet technologies and offers guidance on material selection for requirements like strength, biocompatibility and sterilization.

Download this white paper to learn how the medical industry is using FDM and PolyJet technology to 3D print:

  • Medical device prototypes to accelerate development, validation and verification
  • Patient-specific surgical planning models for faster procedures and recoveries
  • Anatomically and pathologically realistic training models for more effective education
  • Low-volume, end-use parts for clinical trials
  • Personalized prosthetics, bionics and orthotics for better fit and affordability
  • Customized laboratory and manufacturing tools for greater productivity