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3D Printing Now and Beyond

The evolution of 3D printing

3D printing is transforming business and education, demonstrating that almost every expertise could benefit from this technology.

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3D printing is shaping the future as it is applied to more industries around the world every day, from aerospace to automotive, education to medical. It is capable of revolutionizing almost every industry in some way.

Download this white paper and discover 3D printing’s influence in:

  • Redefining manufacturing
  • Unleashing design creativity
  • Minimising lead time

“3D printing is not just another manufacturing technique. It offers an opportunity to rethink traditionally accepted manufacturing conventions and constraints, and open new possibilities.” -Hod Lipson

Hod Lipson
Professor of mechanical engineering, Columbia University Hod Lipson is a roboticist working in artificial intelligence and digital manufacturing, and a professor of mechanical engineering at Columbia University, where he also directs the Creative Machines Lab.