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Expert insights on additive manufacturing and 3D printing

3D printing is helping experts across industries push the limits of innovation. As pioneers in fields like aerospace, automotive, education, medical devices and manufacturing find new, repeatable ways to solve problems using 3D printing, we share the details and documentation here.

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How to Create a 3D Printed Drone?

Is it possible to design a drone with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) electronic hardware that is embedded during the 3D printing process? Is it possible to manufacture a drone that could effectively be ready for flight as soon as it is 3D printed?

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Buyers Guide to 3D Printing

As you begin your search for the right 3D printing solution, this guide will help you understand the questions you’ll need to ask as well as provide insight into the technologies, materials and services available to you.

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Metal 3D Printing for Heavy Industry

Learn how heavy industry can use metal 3D printing to address challenges from manufacturing parts in low volumes to creating custom parts on demand.

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Production Floor Trends

Making jigs and fixtures using additive manufacturing provides dramatic cost savings compared to conventional machining. But the savings involve more than how the tools are made. When companies understand the full scope of benefits that 3D printed tools offer, the ROI becomes very attractive, making it easier to justify the technology.

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Refreshing Robotics with 3D Printing

Learn how 3D Printing is pushing the boundaries of Soft gripper mechanisms, Haptic object visualization and Various soft robotics projects including origami-style robots.

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Research Guide: 3D Printing Solutions – Materials, Technologies and Printers

How to make the right choice for your business and use case.

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3D Printers VS 3D Production Systems

10 distinguishing factors to help you select a system

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Optimized Production for Agile Manufacturing

Making the most out of a 3D production system relies on how it’s used. This e-book highlights six manufacturing applications using FDM Technology and the profit-boosting results for the companies that use it.

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3D Printing Now and Beyond

3D printing is transforming business and education, demonstrating that almost every expertise could benefit from this technology.

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How to Justify the Cost of a 3D Printing System

Learn the strategies to make a solid business case for a 3D Printing System.

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In-House VS Outsource?

Six business advantages of owning an in-house 3D Printer

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Justifying additive manufacturing through jigs and fixtures

Making jigs and fixtures using additive manufacturing provides dramatic cost savings compared to conventional machining. But the savings involve more than how the tools are made.

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Enhancing Clinical Preparedness

Review of Published Literature on 3D Printing in Medical Education and Training.

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Advancing Health Care With 3D Printing

Applications and Guidance on Material Selection.

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3D Printing and Dental Implants

Learn how 3D printed surgical guides are created and used during surgery, and the benefits they provide to surgeons and patients through versatility, cost and time savings.

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Orthodontics and 3D Printing

Learn how digital dentistry is helping orthodontic labs achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

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FDM or PolyJet 3D Printing

Determining which technology is right for your application.

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Metal Technology Application Guide for Aerospace

From functional prototyping through series production, learn how additive manufacturing in Metal offers many advantages to the aerospace community.

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Metal Technology Application Guide for Medical

Learn how the advantages of additive manufacturing, and LaserCUSING® specifically, have led to significant adoption in the production of medical instruments and surgical implants.

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Metal Technology Application Guide for Tooling

Learn how the use of mould inserts with conformal cooling delivers quality optimisation while reducing the unit costs at the same time.

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FDM Ancillary Tooling for Composite Fabrication

FDM has been proven to be a valuable and disruptive solution for composite fabrication tooling. In addition to layup mould tools, FDM technology offers significant advantages for ancillary tools used in secondary operations such as trimming, drilling, assembly, bonding and inspection. The benefits include reduced lead time and cost, design simplification, and ease of fabrication and use.

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Business Considerations for 3D Printing

High fabrication costs, long lead times and the cost to carry inventory don’t need to be the rule of the day when it comes to making production tooling. 3D printed tooling provides an alternative that can reduce or eliminate these pain points, so it pays to consider the benefits this technology offers.

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3D Printing vc CNC Machining

In many ways, 3D printing is the opposite of CNC milling. Most notably, the factors that influence time and cost are quite different. Additionally, the size, shape and configuration of suitable or ideal parts for 3D printing are a reversal from the ideal for CNC machining. To choose between the two, a thorough understand of both processes is necessary.

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Stratasys FDM vs FFF Study

In an independent study* comparing Stratasys® F123™ Series 3D printers with four desktop printers, the F123™ Series came out on top by a wide margin.

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