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Dimension 1200es

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Dimension 1200es

You don’t need to kick your ideas out of the nest to make them fly. In-source your prototyping and functional testing.

The Dimension 1200es is your gateway into the best-selling family of professional 3D printers. Make your models where you hatch your ideas. The money you save will make you feel even smarter.

The proof is in the prototype

The Dimension 1200es features the largest build envelope available in a Design Series Performance 3D Printer. Powered by FDM Technology, it prints in nine colors of real ABSplus thermoplastic. This 3D printer lets you choose fine resolution or faster printing, with layer thicknesses of 0.254 mm (0.010 in.) or 0.33 mm (0.013 in.).

Dimension 1200es 3D Print Pack includes:

  • The SST 1200es 3D Printer
  • The SCA-1200 support removal system
  • A startup supply of materials
  • Materials and Bases

The Dimension 1200es uses ABSplus thermoplastic to build your models. Model and soluble support materials come in convenient enclosed cartridges that are a snap to load. Inside the 3D printer, plastic filament travels through a tube to the print head, where it’s heated to a semi-liquid state and extruded in thin, accurate layers.

Modeling bases provide a stable platform where your prototype builds. Once printing is done, you simply take the recyclable, flexible plastic base out of your 3D printer and snap off the model.

Dimension 1200es Product Specifications

  • Model material: ABSplus in nine colors
  • Support material: Soluble (SST 1200es); breakaway (BST 1200es)
  • Build size: 254 x 254 x 305 mm (10 x 10 x 12 in.)
  • Layer thickness: 0.33 mm (0.013 in.) or .254 mm (.010 in.)
  • Workstation compatibility: Windows XP/Windows 7
  • Network connectivity: Ethernet TCP/IP 10/100 base T
  • Size and weight: 838 x 737 x 1143 mm (33 x 29 x 45 in.); 148 kg (326 lbs.)
  • Power Requirements: Dimension 1200es 3D printer: 100–120 VAC 60 Hz, minimum 15A dedicated circuit or 220–240 VAC 50/60 Hz, minimum 7A dedicated circuit. SCA-1200 support-removal system: 100-120 VAC, 15A, 60 Hz or 220-240 VAC, 10A, 50 Hz
  • Regulatory Compliance: Dimension 1200es 3D printer: CE/ETL; SCA-1200 support-removal system: CE

CatalystEX Software

CatalystEX software converts your CAD program’s STL output into 3D modeling print paths, including any needed support structures. CatalystEX provides:

  • A 3D view of the model or models to be printed
  • The ability to scale 3D models to your desired size
  • Control over how to orient your model in the build chamber
  • Automatic or custom packs for multiple models in one build
  • A print queue to assign many jobs, with estimated print time and material consumption


Soluble support enables you to build intricate models with overhangs, and even nested, moving assemblies, in one job. The SCA-free and unattended. You place your 3D printed prototype into the system, and the SCA provides the right temperature and agitation to efficiently reveal your ready-to-use part or assembly.

BST 1200es

Those who prefer breakaway support can still take advantage of FDM Technology. The Dimension 1200es is available in a breakaway support technology (BST) version. It offers the same layer thicknesses, large build envelope, and ABSplus material as the SST 1200es at a lower price.

Proof of concept

Taking your idea off the CAD screen and into your hands is a powerful way to analyze your design and share it with the rest of the team. Concept models help teams make critical decisions early in the product development stage that save both time and money. If a picture is worth a thousand words – what’s a 3D model worth? Sometimes it can save you $10,000 or more.

Functional Testing

Dimension 3D print machines create strong ABSplus 3D models that are tough enough to be used as working parts. You’re probably already familiar with the ABS which is used to make cell phones, televisions and most car interiors. Dimension 3D models won’t warp, shrink or absorb moisture because they’re created using that same ABS material. We call it ABSplus, and it offers the same durability as the ABS used to make most consumer products today.

Product Cost Reduction

There are many costs involved in developing a new product. Poor communication, extensive changes and missed deadlines increase costs exponentially throughout each step of the design and development. A recent Wohlers Industry Report notes that a modest engineering change costing $100 in the concept phase could escalate to a staggering $1,000,000 when the product is in the field. Dimension 3D Printers allow you to reduce those costs, with better communication, collaboration and design verification throughout the process – in fact, some of our customers have claimed that their Dimension 3D Printer paid for itself in its first project alone.

Product Confidentiality

New products are the lifeblood for any company. That’s why companies spend millions on security and intellectual property protection. Any time you send data outside to a service provider, you increase the possibility of a security leak.A Dimension 3D Printer ensures that the designs you are considering remain secure inside your company.

Marketing tools

Successful product design requires review and input from many sources. Dimension 3D models can better communicate your product design by allowing focus groups, key opinion leaders and steering committees to actually hold and move their working parts.

Vacuum Forming

ABSplus models produced on a Dimension 3D Printer are excellent masters for the vacuum forming process. They’re inexpensive to produce, accurate and durable enough to withstand the rigors of production-level vacuum forming.

Product Mockups

With mockups made on a Dimension 3D Printer, you can see your product before ever going into production. Models can be made within hours and then sanded, painted, tapped and drilled, even chrome plated, to give you a reliable representation of the actual manufactured product.