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Stratasys PolyJet Preventative Maintenance

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Stratasys PolyJet 3D Printers

Preventative maintenance for long periods of non-usage

A huge factor that plays into the quality of your 3D printed parts is the condition of your printer. The best way to make sure your designs continue to print well on your Stratasys PolyJet 3D printer is through proper maintenance, consumable replacement, and material considerations.


  • Do you have enough cleaning fluid in stock?
  • Have you checked the expiry date on the cleaning fluid you do have?
  • Are you familiar with the Shutdown wizard on your machine and how long you will be shutting the machine down for?
  • Keep in mind the machine doesn’t monitor the level of the waste container during a material replacement wizard or shut down wizard so make sure there’s plenty of room in the waste container before you start.
  • Before you shut the machine down it a good time to do the user maintenance (Replace the roller waste collector, Calibrate the UV intensity and Optimise the print heads).
  • Empty the waste container and remove the resin from the machine once shut down.
  • Wipe up any resin from around the purge unit and clean the surrounding areas.


Stratasys PolyJet Support Removal Systems:


  • Clean Station DT3 and CSII: Drain, flush and clean your support removal bath


OBJET Water Jet and Balco units:


  • Clean out the old support material and rinse off the walls.
  • Leave the lid open or side cover so it is vented and can dry out.
  • Check the condition of the gloves – are they perished, split or leaking and need replacing?
  • Shut off the water supply.

If you need additional help with any other preventative maintenance for you FDM 3D Printer, please reach out to our Objective3D Support team at +613 9785 2333 (AUS) +649 801 0380 (NZ) or complete the form on the right and we will respond to you as soon as possible.