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Polaris optimises tooling for power sport vehicles using Stratasys F370.

Polaris Industries, a manufacturer of power sport vehicles, is using Stratasys 3D printing technology to optimise assembly tooling by integrated the Stratasys F370, from the F123 series, to create custom parts, reducing both time and costs concerning production.

“Instead of waiting anywhere between 8-12 weeks, we’re able to get designs within 24 hours,” explained Jenika Bishop, a Senior Project Engineer at Polaris.

In 2014, Polaris used Stratasys’ FDM 3D printing technology to revive the classic motorcycle brand, Indian Motorcycles, which the company purchased. Polaris has used materials such as TPU to develop a rear fender tip locator, a guard for the wheels of a motorcycle traditionally made from leather and vacuum formed parts.

In addition, the company has used 3D printing to develop an interior cup holder for its snowmobiles. Additive manufacturing allowed for faster integration of this feature in the vehicle. Dan Wiatroski, Manufacturing Engineer at Indian Motorcycles, added: “We install a lot of complex parts – badging, headdresses, things of that nature to our bikes. Having the ability to 3D Print that complex geometry quickly and in a variety of materials gives us a lot of flexibility.”