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Prototyping with High-Performance Thermoplastics
Like other fast-moving consumer brands, small vehicle company Onewheel is facing tremendous challenge in a competitive market where time-to-market is critical to the success of their business.

But like all other companies that generate tangible products, you never get a perfect design the first time you prototype. It takes Onewheel multiple iterations to perform functional tests, and each iteration costs not only cost but time.

So time was part of the many reasons that prompted the team to 3D print instead of outsourcing to have prototypes machined using aluminum without compromising structural stability. Other reasons include lightweight material (Nylon 12CF) while 3D printing enables user to be more creative in product design.

Watch the video to see how Onewheel stays ahead of competitive in the single-wheel hoverboard market by bringing in an in-house Stratasys Fortus Production system and prototyping with high-performance thermoplastic.