Production Series
X LINE 2000R

Metal 3D Printer Production System

With the largest available build area of any laser powder bed system and proven performance, the X LINE 2000R is one of the most significant developments in metal additive manufacturing. The machine is designed with continuous production in mind, from the modular build chamber to the in-line powder sieving.

X LINE 2000R Metal Laser Melting System

BUILD VOLUME: up to 31.5″ x 16″ x 20″

Single or Dual 1kW Laser

The X LINE 2000R is the largest powder-bed metal additive system in the world, with a build volume nearly twice that of the nearest competitor. The system is built with serial production in mind, and is optimized for continuous operation of a dedicated material. The X LINE 2000R has dual 1 kW lasers, with a build rate approaching 120 cm3/hr. The system boasts closed-loop material handling with integrated sieving and 800 liters of inline powder storage, and the rotating build module allows for unpacking of one build while the next build is underway.