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Additive 3D Metal Printing has Extensive Potential

Boundless freedom of design, functional integration, lightweight design and construction, with geometry that is closer to the final contour or ready to be installed. The complexity compared to conventional production is included in the package for free, so to speak.

Additive parts are available up to 75% faster. In lightweight design up to 70% of weight can be saved – in some cases even more. The tool-free production is virtually without waste and emissions, conserving resources.

LaserCUSING® improves the environmental footprint in production. For this reason, we rightly refer to our sustainable process as GREEN TECHNOLOGY.

Concept Laser’s joint development project with Airbus and the Laser Zentrum Nord clearly shows the advantages: Compared to the conventionally manufactured part, the bionic titanium part “Bracket” is a third lighter and performs better, and is also more economical and environmentally friendly. With 90% less waste, that’s an excellent energy balance!



  • High potential for lightweight design
  • Topology optimization
  • Implementation of bionic designs with improved performance criteria
  • Optional functional integration (such as cooling) or integral construction
  • One-shot manufacturing
  • Reduction of assembly effort and weak points
  • No waste as with conventional machining methods
  • Fast and decentralized availability: “production-on-demand”
  • Timely, tool-free production
  • No preproduction costs and tool costs
  • Unmanned production 24 h/day