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Plan for

Better Outcomes

Produce highly accurate recreations of patient anatomy,
envision complex pathology and form a strategic surgical plan
with the help of Stratasys 3D printing technology.


Getting a 3D Perspective

Watch how doctors were able to fully study the anatomy of Mia’s heart and plan the best course of action to save her life.

See how Teresa’s life was changed when her doctors at the Jacob’s Institute used 3D printing to treat her brain aneurism.

Visualise the Challenge at Hand

The patient-specific models will allow you to better envision complex pathology as well as spatial and tactile orientations that 2D computer models can’t match.

Know the Best Course of Action

When surgical procedures can be refined pre-surgery, there are fewer complications and shorter OR times – helping your patients get back on their feet faster.

Help Families Understand

3D models can help you illustrate a patient’s specific diagnosis as well as your surgical solution – helping families better understand the surgical approach.

Get the Surgical Planning Guide to learn more.

Optimise Procedures


fewer devices used

The use of 3D printed models during left atrial appendage occlusion surgery planning reduced the number of devices used per procedure by 32%.


shorter ICU stay

When 3D printed models were used to prepare for double outlet right ventricle surgeries, patients’ ICU stays were shortened by 41%.


decrease in OR time

Use of 3D printed models for fixation in tibial plateau fractures decreased the time spend in the OR by 15%.

Programmed for Anatomical Applications

Achieve ultra-realistic anatomical simulation and biomechanical realism with the J750 Digital Anatomy 3D Printer – a system developed in partnership with medical device manufacturers, world-class research institutions, hospitals and medical personnel.

Test new devices and methods on realistic human anatomy.

Print lifelike human anatomy with standard or complex pathologies.

Enhance learning by simulating specific clinical environments.

Start Approaching Things Differently

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