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3D Printing Confessions


Get It Right The First Time


No more failed builds, no piles of spaghetti,
no countless hours repairing the machine yourself
trying to get it running again.


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3D Printing Confessions

Bill the Engineer

In the 3D printing world, manufacturers are represented by two separate, and wholly unequal groups. The 3d printing suppliers who cut corners and those who partner with you to deliver delivering exceptional quality and repeatability. Making the right decision when choosing which 3D printer to purchase is not as easy as you’d think. These are just a few of the stories from users who bought their 3D printer from the wrong company.


David the Designer


Joy the Professor


Omen the Design Firm Owner


Helen the GraphicDesigner

3D Printers VS 3D Production Systems

10 Distinguishing Factors to Help you Select a System
When planning to purchase an additive manufacturing system, buyers will find capabilities and a price range wider than products from most any industry. Systems can range from several hundred dollars for a hobbyist unit to nearly $1 million for some high performance systems. Learn more about the capabilities, roles and positioning of systems geared for professional use. Beginning with the most basic information — the definition of 3D printers — this white paper positions the two product classes. LEARN MORE >>


In-House or Outsource?


Six Business Advantages of Owning an In-House 3D Printer
The benefits of 3D printing System and rapid prototyping are numerous and well recognized. Whether it’s design validation, functional testing or faster launch of new products, executives seldom need to be convinced of the benefits. Still, many businesses continue to outsource 3D printing because they believe ownership is cost prohibitive. In this White Paper you will learn six business advantages of owning an in-house 3D printer. LEARN MORE >>


How to Justify the Cost of a
Rapid Prototyping System

Learn the strategies to make a solid
business case for a 3D Printing System.

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