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Stratasys FDM Preventative Maintenance

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Stratasys FDM 3D Printers

Preventative Maintenance for long periods of non-usage

If your shutting down your machine take the time to unload the materials form the printer and store them so they won’t be affected by moisture when not in use. Leaving the material in the machine does not ensure it will stay dry. At a minimum put the material in some large ziplock bags with some silica gel desiccant or seal them up in a large airtight container. If your after a more convenient solution we do supply dry cabinets for material storage so if you just want to unload them material and stick them in a cabinet without having to mess about with bags and airtight containers let us know.

  • Consumables items like brushes and flickers should be inspected and cleaned if necessary or replaced if worn out.
  • If you have a Dimension, uPrint or Fortus 250mc check the condition of the tip shields and replace if needed (they should be replaced every 500 hours).
  • If you have a Fortus 360mc, 380mc, 400mc, 450mc or 900mc make sure the tip shields are in good condition and clean them if needed.
  • Empty the purge container.
    The plastic purge container is attached to the rear wall of the modeling chamber. First, you will need to remove the purge container by grasping it and pushing it upward to release it from its three mounts. Next, pull it towards you and out of the chamber to empty. This process should be repeated after each build.
  • Clean the debris from the bottom of the build chamber.
    Another simple maintenance task is to remove any material buildup on the Z-platform and around the lead screw. Failure to do so could cause the base to become out of level, or if the buildup is large enough, it could cause the Z-stage to jam at its upper limit.


Stratasys FDM Support Removal Systems:

  • Drain, flush and clean your support removal bath.
  • Check you have enough Ecoworks for when you fill it up again and it hasn’t expired.
  • Wipe up and clean the exterior of the bath and surrounding surfaces.

If you need additional help with any other preventative maintenance for you FDM 3D Printer, please reach out to our Objective3D Support team at +613 9785 2333 (AUS) +649 801 0380 (NZ) or complete the form on the right and we will respond to you as soon as possible.