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Materials, Technologies and 3D Printers: How to make the right choice for your business

Are you a part of an engineering team that needs to bring products to market faster? Are you a product designer striving for greater innovation or customisation? No matter what sparked your interest in professional 3D printing, we’ll help guide you on the right path.

Complex Designs Fast

There’s a reason competitive design firms like the Center for Advanced Design (CAD) use the F370 printer. When dimensional accuracy, speed and ease of use are key to getting the job done and moving on to the next client, just any printer won’t do. Watch CAD’s story and see how the F370 has become a dedicated part of the team.
Make it with Stratasys FDM.

Fast and Affordable Prototyping with the Stratasys F370

The new Stratasys F370 is easy to operate and maintain, whatever your level of experience. It’s also proficient at every stage of prototyping, from concept to validation to functional performance.The F370 supports a range of capabilities and budgets for every stage of prototyping. And today’s most common CAD file formats can be imported directly into GrabCAD.

  • Minimal setup – simply plug and play to give your entire office access to professional 3D printing.
  • Auto-calibration – spend less time troubleshooting and more time prototyping.
  • Fast and easy material swaps – maximize your design team’s productivity.

From A$1500 / NZ$1750 per month*

In-House or Outsource?

Outsourcing costs you more than you think.

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