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Desktop Metal Studio System

Quick Look Series

Low Volume Production with Desktop Metal

In this video, learn how Desktop Metal delivers higher resolution printing in-house and a provides a path to bring low volume production to the shop floor


Real Metal Parts with Desktop Metal Studio

The Studio System™ from Desktop Metal produces strong, durable metal parts. In this video, Dave Belanger demonstrates part properties at each stage of fabrication.


Desktop Studio System Overview


Why Debind?


How to Debind?


Separable Supports™


Swappable media cartridges


Easy material changes

A Deep Dive:

Bound Metal Deposition Technology



Desktop Metal Studio System+

Office-friendly, affordable metal 3D printing with advanced print capabilities and scalability for increased throughput. Designed as an end-to-end solution for engineers. LEARN MORE >>

Desktop Metal Production System

The first metal 3d printing solution for mass production. 100x faster. Quality & cost-per-part needed to scale. Designed for throughput. LEARN MORE >>

Case Studies

Built-Rite Tool & Die

Injection moulding firm investigates quick-turn mould application, identifies 90% cost savings. Download Now


Desktop Metal Studio System™ for rapid prototyping: Virginia-based startup to reduce product development timeline by 25%. Download Now