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Corporate Advantage Programme

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Introducing Objective3D Corporate Advantage

Buy your professional 3D Printer from Objective3D and enjoy our industry leading benefits:


  • Minimise any machine downtime
    Using facilities at Objective3D Direct Manufacturing (the proud partner of the global Stratasys Direct Manufacturing network), we’ll print your parts for you at material cost should your machine be down during maintenance.
  • Discounts when using our 3D Printing Service
    For Objective3D printer owners, enjoy great discounts through our state of the art in-house 3d printing service bureau from Objective3D Direct Manufacturing
  • Priority queuing when ordering parts from our Objective3D Direct Manufacturing
  • Exclusive access to qualified Stratasys Application Engineers on:
  • Design and manufacturing best practices using 3D Printing Technologies
  • Advice on an extensive range of finishing applications and Stratasys Application Guides.
  • Support on all Stratasys Controlling Software

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