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Careers at Objective3D

Objectvie3D is a leader in 3D Printing, 3D Scanning and Custom Manufacturing Solutions.
Since 2012 we’ve consistently grown our Sales and Engineering teams to keep up with
our growth in both new product lines and new territories.

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National Sales Manager

Join the Objective3D leadership team at our Melbourne office and report directly to the Managing Director, enjoying a high level of autonomy to drive sales for yourself and for the sales team. Through creativity and your thorough knowledge of sales processes, you will develop innovative strategies to grow the customer base and develop the existing install base across ANZ.

Telemarketer / Lead Generator

This Melbourne-based position at Objective3D plays a vital role in the customer acquisition and customer retention process. They are responsible for calling a list of leads or cold call list and scheduling appointments for the sales team. We are looking for someone who is confident, cheerful, friendly and self-motivated, with excellent outcall communication and CRM management skills. This position has minimal travel with most communication occurring via phone and works across all markets and products/services within Objective3D.