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Refreshing Robotics with 3D Printing

The Robotics Inspiration Guide, 3D Printing Your Way From Idea to Application eBook will bring you up-to-speed on the rise of the field of soft robotics and the multitude of applications across a range of industries. Learn how 3D Printing is pushing the boundaries of: Soft gripper mechanisms, Haptic object visualization, Various soft robotics projects including origami-style robots.>

Improving the Life of the Line with Carbon-Filled 3D Printing​

When you need durable and lasting tools that are being used 60 times an hour for an 8-hour shift, 3 shifts a day, 6-7 days a week.
Make it with Stratasys Carbon-Fibre.

Fortus 380 Carbon Fibre Edition

Get the strength of carbon fibre without warp or curl. Swap metal for lighter tools, functional prototypes, and production parts. Soluble support enables design freedom.

  • 87% Larger build volume for larger and more parts
  • Heated build chamber to prevent parts curling
  • Superior Material Strength
  • 133% MORE Carbon Fibres
  • 47% LONGER Carbon Fibres
  • Prints 2 -5X Faster at Lower Cost
  • Soluble Support allows for complex parts

From A$2400 / NZ$2600 per month*

3D Printing for the Factory Floor

Leveraging the Strength of Carbon Fibre


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